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Axiology Beauty Lipsticks

Axiology Beauty Lipsticks

Does your Valentine’s Day lipstick contain lead? Did you know that in a study of 33 popular lipstick brands, 61% contained lead (some at dangerously high levels)? You don’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty this Valentine’s Day with amazing brands like Axiology Beauty who use pure, high-performing organic ingredients to create their superior lip products! 👄


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I recently bought a few of their lipsticks during a sale and am blown away by these shades (Left to Right: Noble, Philosophy, Identity) that (in addition to being super hydrating) have a truly stunning amount of shimmer! ✨ As if the product itself wasn’t glamorous enough, they have gone the extra mile with golden lipstick tubes fit for royalty 👸 that have an incredibly nifty feature where you can click your lipstick into the lid to keep it safe and secure in it’s tube. 💄

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Gift yourself or your Galentines this Valentine’s Day one of these gorgeous lipsticks with the peace of mind of knowing that they contain no questionable ingredients! 💝




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