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Chronic Illness: Be empowered. Not dependent.

Chronic Illness: Be empowered. Not dependent.

⁣Be empowered. 💪 Not dependent. 🚫

Being chronically ill for several years, I quickly learned that I was never going to discover the root cause of my health issues via the route of conventional medicine. 😞 Namely, because the only answers that I received in that field were ‘There’s a drug for that diagnoses’ and ‘There’s a drug for that symptom’. In fact, one of the first recommendations that I received upon my POTS diagnoses (which I later discovered was caused by Lyme) was to ‘eat more salty junk food’. 😱

In the first few years of being sick, I wanted to delegate the responsibility of my healing to a doctor that would ‘fix it’. ⁣🤷 After all, that’s the cultural understanding that we have of healthcare in the Western world, but not too many people know that conventional medical errors are actually the third cause of death in the US, taking about a quarter of a million lives per year. ⁣☠️

Eventually, after many failures with both conventional and integrative doctors, I became very upset. 😩 My life came to a turning point when I realized that I could no longer depend on someone else’s purview to be healed.

That’s when (through the pain, fatigue and brain fog) I became an avid researcher and, instead of rushing to a doctor to ‘save me,’ I became the one in charge. 👊 I interviewed potential doctors, and not with the intent of having them ‘save me,’ but with the intent that we would be partners in trial, error, and research, working together to make vital discoveries about my health. ⁣⁣👨‍⚕️ These doctors were always functional and naturopathic.

By all of the research I’ve done over the past 7 years and inspiring professionals that I’ve worked with, I’m empowered to be in a place where I know that if all doctors fell off the face of the earth, I would still be able to remain strong on my own and know what to do. ⁣⁣🌿

THAT is what a REAL doctor should do for you. EMPOWER 💪 you with knowledge to become independent and truly heal, NOT make you a dependent, selling you off as one in a billion sheep to the pharmaceutical industry to become an indefinite drug user. ⁣💊

If you all are interested, I’d love to share with you some processes that I’ve found to be the most important steps to follow to climb the ladder to health and prevent further health deterioration. 😊 Coming in future posts! ❤

(Just as a disclaimer: I am IN NO WAY trying to shame anyone who has found success in conventional methods, nor am I saying that all ‘conventional medicine’ is ‘bad’.  I’ve found that the most effective doctors use the best of conventional and naturopathic methods for lasting healing in their patients.  I’m simply stating my opinion about the state of mainstream medicine in our country and I am telling my own story. Also, these posts are for informational purposes only so please don’t change your medical regime just because of a post you saw on social media without first consulting an MD that you’ve come to trust.)

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