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Chronic Illness: He Knows Your Pain

Chronic Illness: He Knows Your Pain

“He had the solution before you had the problem.” 🙏❤⠀

God knew. He knew that you’d be walking this tumultuous path, desperate to find healing. He knows how it will be resolved, in the end. ⠀

In the beginning, He saw the terrors you would have to endure in this fallen world, the people who would betray you, and the mountains you would have to scale in agony. ⠀

To show you the depths of His love, He endured torture, weakness, illness, fatigue, and betrayal. Just so He might say to you: “I know your pain.”⠀

How many gods have you heard of that made themselves vulnerable and weak to truly feel the deep sorrows of their people? ⠀

He knows your pain. ❤ He hears your every sigh. Trust that He is holding you in the safety of His arms and He will shield you 🛡 as you muddle through on your way up the mountain. 🏔⠀

He will carry you through the violence of the battlefield until, at last, you’re waving your flag..and not in surrender, but in victory. 🚩⠀

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